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This page is dedicated to our faith and what we have dedicated our journey with this car audio game to be.

I will leave specific names out of this so that not to skew the purpose of the message

A few years ago I was in a car accident that could have and probably should have ended my life. 


I was rear-ended and rolled end over end and side to side destroying the truck I was in.  Everything inside the vehicle was ejected including my firearm which discharged to who knows where.

I remember feeling the impact and seeing the parking lot coming to my windshield and trying to brace the roof, and then seeing the ground again as I rolled on the pavement driver's side door and trying to keep myself inside the vehicle.

I was sent to the hospital to be looked over cause there was a great deal of pain in my left side. 

The first hospital sent me home

Then I went to a different facility the next day and they sent me home as well.

Finally, 3 days later, we went to Huntsville Hospital where, for the first time, they did a complete workup and found that I had crushed my entire left rib cage.

I also was having a great deal of shoulder pain and was sent to see a chiropractor.

After a few months of seeing him and getting worse and worse, he sent me for an MRI where they found I had bleeding on my spinal cord and had nearly severed it in the accident.

I was then sent to a surgeon who after some prodding required me to have emergency surgery to repair the damage.

Below are the pictures of the vehicle and make note of the handprint on the roof.

After the surgery, everything got back into place and our lives kept flowing as it should and one of my dreams was to own a Smart Fortwo one day and the Lord saw it fit to provide me with the means to purchase one.

After we got it, I prayed about it a lot and decided I wanted to do more to try to further the Kingdom of God.

Now I am not a preacher by any means nor am I a singer but I know a little bit about car audio so my wife and I came to the only logical way for us to help.

I prayed and told God that I needed help with my builds and wanted to play Christian music for the masses at events.

On the way to church one evening, we passed a car on the side of the road and while we were running a bit behind, I decided to go back and see if I could lend a hand.  It was a little old lady and she just had a flat so I helped her change her tire and wait on her brother to get there.

After we got done I got in the car to go on to church and my phone rang.

It was the CEO of a big-name high-end manufacturer offering me a full sponsorship for the Smart Car!!!

Well here is where I failed.

Did the build and went to finals with all intention of doing what I promised and backslid and played whatever I wanted.

We still won the Bass Boxing Championship but did not do what I was supposed to.

Fast forward to Ruckus and Chill 2019, so I the wifey, and 3 Kids drive 10 Hours from home to do the show and as we get to the venue the Transmission in our Explorer fails.

So here we are 10 Hours away with literally only 2nd and 4th gears and we have to try to get home.

While we are driving home a very, very good man of God calls me and offers me his personal road car to use til I can get back on my feet and I offer to buy it.  Being his tow pig he can not sell it but still offers me to use it for as long as we need.

We discuss it for about a week and he calls and asks if the following would do and asks if I would like to purchase it (terms not to be discussed)

When I picked up said vehicle we find that it has been sugared and it breaks down 90 miles from where I picked it up.

Again the person I bought it from comes and brings his mechanic and basically the entire fuel system for the truck to save the day.

After I get it home I again pray to God and thank him for all of his blessings and vow to do as I said to bring his word to the masses the only way I know how.

Here is how he shows me his blessing are fulfilled even when we are not perfect.

So when you see us at a show, feel free to come over and say hey and enjoy the music and praise God has gifted us all with as his blessings keep bringing us new opportunities and more avenues to spread his word.

And don't hesitate to check out and patronize all the equipment manufacturers and retailers that are mentioned on the  truck because they are the ones God sent to help out along the way to get his message out.

No I'm not perfect nor am I worthy but I am still in his favor.

Thank you for your time and God Bless

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